A couple of other options for you

As much as it hurts our hearts to hear that you feel you don’t need a planner on your wedding day (weep, weep,), we absolutely understand and have customized three package options for you.

Wedding coaching: I just need to know what everything costs and where to start.

In a 2-3 hour power meeting, we will help construct a budget, we will go through everything you have done so far and make a roadmap for the planning process, and we will listen and understand your vision for the day and draft up an itinerary to help you keep on track while placing the details of your day together.

We cannot stress enough how crucial a properly planned wedding day is. There has not been one wedding that has come to us in which the timing did not need to be fixed, and we’re not talking about just some small detail. A timeline that is not carefully constructed can have a domino effect, which is something everyone wants to avoid. We have mastered this skill and want to help as many couples as possible. We just never want anyone feeling stressed or rushed on their wedding day. After sitting with hundreds of coordination packages, we have decided to offer this package.

Timing Meeting: To make sure the timing goes smoothly

This meeting is roughly an hour to an hour and a half. We would need all contracts that have been signed prior to this meeting. We would go over how you want your day to go and all that would be involved. We would go over questions we have, that would affect timing, and make sure everything you want is included. After that meeting, we would prepare a rough draft itinerary that will help with the rest of the planning and you can share with your vendors to make sure everything looks good. We would add any questions we think you may need to ask your vendors, for timing purposes. 

Save the day: I want to make sure my day is  properly planned out.

We will start by getting all of the information that we’ll need from you to properly put the day together. Once we have everything we need, we will prepare a rough draft and schedule a call or virtual meeting. At that meeting, we will go through the entire day with you giving all of the guidance and advice we can. We will go over all of what we feel to be the most relevant information for your timeline. This will be the most important document for your wedding, as you can send it on to vendors and members of the wedding party and use it when confirming details with everyone. We usually hear something like “This is so helpful. You have me considering thing I would have never even thought of!” after step one. When we hear this, we know we’re making positive impacts, the reason we do what we do.